Topology of Manifolds: Surgery theory

Thursday, 1330 - 1645 in PK 5333.

Course material

Course syllabus.

Lecture notes. The course proved the s-cobordism theorem and then gave a fairly thorough description of the Browder-Novokov-Sullivan-Wall surgery theory solution to the manifold existence question, within a fixed homotopy type.

Problem sheets

Exercise sheet 1.

Exercise sheet 2.

Exercise sheet 3.

Exercise sheet 4.

Student talks

Every 3-manifold bounds a 4-manifold, by Idrissa Ba.

The Arf invariant, by Fanny Desjardins

The Whitney Embedding theorem, by Brahim Abdenbi


Algebraic and Geometric Surgery by Andrew Ranicki.

Surgery theory: foundations by Diarmuid Crowley, Wolfgang Lück and Tibor Macko.

Lecture notes in algebraic topology by Jim Davis and Paul Kirk.

Algebraic topology by Allen Hatcher.

Morse theory by John Milnor.

Lectures on the h-cobordism theorem by John Milnor.

Surgery on compact manifolds by C.T.C. Wall.